Let’s talk about HORMONES!

Let’s talk about HORMONES!

Hormonal Balance for Happy Women

If one asks you whether you have hormonal imbalance, chances are, you wouldn’t know whether you have it UNTIL someone or something pointed it out (if you do have one). And after you’re caught off-guard, then the discomfort comes (sometimes, ignorance is indeed a bliss). So folks, if you don’t wanna know, stop here! Don’t read further. You’ve been warned.
Here you go! Hormonal imbalance common symptoms:
1. Persistent weight gain
2. Difficulty losing weight
3. Low libido
4. Fatigue
5. Anxiety, irritability & depression
6. Mood swings
7. Insomnia and poor sleep pattern
8. Sweating (hot flashes, night sweats)
9. Gas, bloating, slow digestion
10. Cravings
11. Dry skin and hair loss/ unusual hair growth
12. Acne
And here is a list of more severe symptoms that can follow:
1.Severe menstrual cramps
2.Irregular menstrual cycle
3.Yeast Infection
5.Breast cyst
7.Polycystic ovary syndrome
Few other symptoms I noticed are headaches prior to menses, numbing sensation on arms and other body parts, lower back pain during menses. I have imbalanced hormones and that compels me to learn about healthy hormones. I used to have menses every 2-3 months, sometimes longer. In this modern life, artificial coloring, artificial flavors, addictive, and many chemicals are introduced into our system through daily exposures.

Have you recently noticed the ingredients in the packet of spices? Or in your shampoo and body wash (paraben, SLS, fragrance – normally synthetic)? Or in your facial products? Recently, I have been noticing and it’s quite scary. Some ingredients are even listed as cancer-causing agent. THESE ingredients create havoc in our body system, especially to those sensitive ones. It’s not easy to avoid these ingredients because once a while, I will be introduced either knowingly (well, sometimes my cravings beat my resolve) or unknowingly (you can’t question the hosts/hostesses about their choice of food or drinks, right?).

But I can do something to support my system.

It’s pretty simple actually. This is the graph of our common hormones – progesterone and estrogen. Balance this, and most probably you will be off to a great start. (the graph is in Indonesian, but it’s pretty much depicted English version)
hormonal cewe umum.JPG
Usually, a healthy cycle is 28 days. However, 30-35 days cycle is still normal, you just need to adjust accordingly. Members can access detailed info here. 
If you want to know in details about this, you can drop me a message here or email me at deny.sentosa@gmail.com
If you are ready to purchase, you can click here I would love to support you in using the oils for yourself and your loved ones

Jika ingin tahu lebih detail artikel ini dan ingin kontak langsung dengan saya, bisa kirim japri disini atau email ke deny.sentosa@gmail.com atau whatsapp di +62 821-7734-4515 atau IG deny.sentosa
Ingin belanja? Silakan klik  disini . Keanggotaan YL secara jelas bisa baca di link berikut.  Bonus menjadi anggota grup saya adalah dukungan penuh dalam memakai Young Living dan juga bergabung di komunitas ONE DROP 🙂
Deny Sentosa
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  • Jacklyn P.
    Posted at 12:42h, 24 February Reply

    Hi Dr Deny,
    Any suggestion on which oils to use to relieve period cramps? it’s kinda severe every month that i have to take MC all the time….Dragon Time is not available in Msia though, so I thought of substitutes oil…
    I am also the member of YL from msia, i hope you dont mind me asking…
    much appreciate your kind reply. thank you 🙂

    • Deny Sentosa
      Posted at 13:02h, 24 February Reply

      Cramps means body has hard time eliminating excess estrogen. I would suggest you use PPP, and during mens, you can use marjoram, digize or lavender to relieve cramps.
      Also, please support your liver 🙂

  • Mawar cholisah
    Posted at 03:03h, 28 November Reply

    Selamat pagi..
    Haloo ibu deny saya mengulang2 video youtob ibu yang menjelaskan tentang hormon wanita.. Apa bila tidak keberatan.. Sya mau bertanya apakah progressence fhyto plus dipakai setiap hari dr hari pertama mens sampai bulan depan dapat mens lagi itu aman tidak ya? Trimaksih

    • Deny Sentosa
      Posted at 03:07h, 28 November Reply

      Halo, saya sendiri pakai setiap hari 🙂

      • Mawar cholisah
        Posted at 06:50h, 29 November Reply

        Haloo cik.. Sya menikah thn 2017 bln juli.. Sya sudah promil dan dokter bilang klau sya pcos sel telur kecil2..
        Mens saya siklus 30-35.. Bln oktober tgl 29 sya pake ppp pas mens hari pertama sampai skrang.. Bln Ini saya telat 3 hri cik.. Apakah pengaruh ppp membuat sya telat mens.. Atau sya hamil ya cik soalnya blm sya tespek.. Mohon masukannya cik.. Karna sya baru pakai produk young living.

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