M E G A C A L • Powdered supplement

M E G A C A L • Powdered supplement

Long time ago, I was not interested in this supplement. Little did I know that today this supplement will be part of my daily routine for kids and me

✓Megacal has Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, Manganese and vitamin C. Vitamin C helps with absorption of calcium.

✓Powder makes it easy for kids to take. Just dissolve in water without needs to open caps and make a mess

✓When YL makes powdered supplement, means it will be tasty or almost no taste. There is stevia added and it is natural sweetener and good for prebiotics as well

✓Those conservative with ingesting eo, rest assure, only Lemon is added and it gives zesty taste!

The thing about YL supplements is our body will absorb most of the components compared to commercial products because of additional of essential oils. There is study about that 😉

I have to store in fridge to prevent it solidify (downside). Now, it will be great if YL comes with sachet form


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I would be honored to be the one you choose to have best experience with Young Living.


Deny Sentosa

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Deny Sentosa
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